Fort Langley Couples Photos

I had the privilege of meeting this young couple at a friends gathering, we chatted and hung out for awhile and started talking about wha we did for work. When I old them that is my full time, they lit up and we booked a session. We met up a few weeks later and had coffee before our shoot and talked some more. Turns out that they both travel a lot for work and around the globe, I thought that was awesome! Until I found out that because of that, they don't get to see each other for awhile at times because of that. However, they started to explain that sometimes they will plan ahead and meet each other in another country and stay there for awhile. I don't know about you but I was taken aback and amazed, they are both hard working individuals and love each other so much that they will always find a way to see each other. To me they are the definition of love without boarders. No matter where they are in the world, they will find a way to each other!

With me holding back a little tear, we decided to start the session. To no surprise, it was one of the easiest couples photoshoots I've ever done. They were so comfortable with each other and was posing in ways that seemed so natural and effortless that I barely had to direct them. The shoot was over before I knew it but I decided to keep it going because I didn't have another session afterwards and was going to stay in fort Langley for a bit longer anyways. We went to the train tracks, did some goofy photos and even did an outfit change. The way they flowed and matched each others energy and clothing made this shoot one of the most memorable. Both Donna and Freeman were super relaxed and calm that the shoot went smooth and it was easy to joke around with them.

My favourite power couple and I'm excited to see what adventures they go on!