Grad Photos with friends

Time time of year is always pretty hectic, where students are in their final year of high school, applying to post secondary, trying to get scholarships, doing grad events, some doing part time work and also trying to have a social life. All this craziness and yet they mange and push through, its great to see. What makes it better is to be able to do it with friends and best way to remember these moments are to have them photographed so they can be reflected on later in life, as these are your golden years.

There is a lot that can be done within a short time and grad students are the reflection of that. Getting everything that needs to be done, done. All this and with smiles left to encourage their other grads to continue pushing and moving towards their goals. I am glad to have got to see these graduates get a step closer to their dreams and be close to their friends while doing so.

You all have a bright future and I look forward to seeing what you do on your path to success!