Casual Elopement

I got the pleasure to work with this sweet couple, I covered both engagement and elopement photos. We chatted and had lots of fun during the engagement photos and I got to learn a lot about who they are and what they like to do, how they met and their future plans as a married couple. They were the most laid back people I got to know and we all got very comfortable with each other quickly. That made it super easy to get really good pictures as nothing really felt forced, rather it was just a fun experience and we were capturing funny moments.

When it was finally the day for their elopement, we went to heritage park and had the beautiful mountains in the background and they were surrounded by their close family members. There was only a handful of people, only the direct family and their kids, which made it very special and easy to greet and be more present with everyone. It was easy to be with everyone at the same time and everyone was heard and seen at a arms length, which I find to be the most special and memorable.

After the ceremony, I left to do a rush print of some of my favourite shots and moments and deliver on the same day. I managed to edit and print within a couple hours and then drive over to their house where the after party was held. By the time I got there, everyone had drinks in their hands and invited me in and offered me drinks as well. At that moment, I felt the most invited to someones wedding ever, it was no longer a transactional relationship, rather we all enjoyed each others presence and exchanged stories and had fun. One of the most memorable weddings I've ever had.

I wish you both a long and very happy marriage! :)