Do you think she knew?

I got the amazing opportunity to shoot with this lovely couple. I was hired by my friend Chad (the cool dude in the photos) to come out to stave lake and take surprise engagement photos. I had to come up with a reason as to why I was there, so I thought I'd say I was there to learn the ropes on how to move the floating dock cause it interested me. However, when I get there, there was a fully dined table with roses, fairy lights and a speaker playing romantic music.

When Bryn came to the location, she started to tear up and I just said hello, I think it was obvious because she knew I was a beginner photographer at the time. Anyways, we get onto the floating dock and I let them talk and hang out while I watch from a distance and secretly get my camera ready. I patiently wait for the moment Chad gets down on one knee and the moment he starts kneeling is when I take out the camera and start taking photos and video. Super cute of course and obliviously she says "YES"! So as the moment starts to set in I start the session and begin taking photos and video, posing the newly engaged couple and have lots of fun. I give them time to have a romantic meal and I cover all the details of the rest of the floating dock. What made the photos and video even better, is the fact that it was smoky and gave a very cinematic effect for the background and helped me isolate the couple and the floating dock without much distraction.

I had a great time and am glad to be apart of a surprise proposal. I think Chad put together something very lovely and memorable.